O. U. T
Once Upon [a] Time
Mud walls cried with me
Moon kept descending seven
Night passed at serving
Spittle dried without pitty the burden
Voice choked at hunger sundown
She is wrinkled to age
Just eye on her to sink sorrows
In the heart, in the brains
O’! There me to hollow
See. . .
A clapping butterfly
Didn’t dare my sorrows
I watched her feet in afternoon dirt
& pierced my heart with the earth
Let die the palm & wine like a tapper
& only the shoulder will be left
… in death
No guard— no gourd— no gad
Everyday rolled
Even envy paid role
& I was there. Last night too was dread
Everywhere black
But I was deep down to red
Pump & pump, no water drops
My feet burst ashamed
My sole threatened my soul
I am O.U.T
Once Upon [a] Time was in a hole.
©Kofi Acquah [K.∆\], 2018
• Photo Credit: Mohamed Nohassi (Unsplash)